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Welcome to the official website of NY
Jazz Drummer Kevin Dorn

Kevin will be teaching at the NEW YORK HOT JAZZ CAMP
April 15-19, 2020. Visit the camp website:


"Kevin embodies a musical altruism rooted in keeping time. He may play the hi-hat a la Sid Catlett, accent an outchorus in the fashion of George Wettling, splash the cymbals in the best Dave Tough way, but he is no antiquarian fastidiously recreating memorized licks off the 78s. For him, hot music is a living thing, and he sustains its exultant risk-taking friskiness. His playing levitates any performance. Be sure to catch him in action!"
Michael Steinman, jazz critic for
Cadence Magazine and the Mississippi Rag.

"Mr. Dorn leads this backwards-glancing enterprise with grace and good humor; his model is small-group swing of 1930's vintage."
The New York Times

"Dorn is a personable young drummer and his group includes some talented musicians. As they launch into 'Exactly Like You' or 'If Dreams Come True,' close your eyes and conjure up the smell of smoldering tobacco and spilled bourbon drying on the tablecloth, you might imagine yourself back at the Famous Door hearing Benny Morton and Walter Page swap solos."
Smithsonian Magazine

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