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MAY 2018   

TUES. May 1        8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye      Blacktail         Manhattan, NY

WED. May 2        9:00-11:30pm
Western Caravan      Hill Country    Manhattan, NY

WED. May 2         11:59pm-3:00am
Dimestore Romeos       Ear Inn       Manhattan, NY

WED. May 3        7:30pm
Ken Peplowski         Bickford Theatre      Morristown, NJ

SUN. May 6        7:00-8:45pm
James Langton's NY All-Star Big Band featuring Dan Levinson
Lincoln Center         Manhattan, NY

MON. May 7         7:30pm
Dan Levinson         City College Presidential Awards Gala     
Manhattan, NY

TUES. May 8         8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye        Blacktail       Manhattan, NY

MON. May 14         7:00-9:00pm
Brain Cloud      Barbes       Brooklyn, NY

TUES. May 15       8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye        Blacktail       Manhattan, NY

WED. May 16        8:30-11:00pm
J. Walter Hawkes         Domaine Wine Bar     Long Island City, NY

FRI. May 18        7:15-9:15pm
Tara O'Grady      New York Irish Center         Long Island City, NY

SAT. May 19     2:00-4:30pm
Dan Levinson        St. Michael's Cemetary     East Elmhurst, NY

MON. May 21        7:30-10:30pm
Mara Kaye      Bierhaus NYC       Manhattan, NY

TUES. May 22        8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye        Blacktail       Manhattan, NY

FRI. May 25     9:00pm-Midnight
Ernie Vega and the Rocket 88s     Jalopy Tavern     Brooklyn, NY

TUES. May 29        8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye        Blacktail       Manhattan, NY





APRIL  2018                                                 (Back to TOP)

MON. April 2     7:00-9:00pm
Brain Cloud     Barbes    Brooklyn, NY

MON. April 2      11:59pm-3:00am
Dimestore Romeos    Ear Inn    Manhattan, NY

TUES. April 3     8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye     Blacktail     Manhattan, NY

WED. April 4    8:00-11:00pm
Peter Maness     Railway   Manhattan, NY

WED. April 4     11:59pm-3:00am
Dimestore Romeos    Ear Inn   Manhattan, NY

THURS. April 5     9:00-11:00pm
Dimestore Romeos    Jalopy Tavern   Brooklyn, NY

FRI. April 6    8:00pm-Midnight
Jesse Gelber    Guadalupe Inn    Brooklyn, NY

SUN. April 8    7:00-8:15pm
David Ostwald     Player's Club    Manhattan, NY

TUES. April 17     8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye    Blacktail   Manhattan, NY

WED. April 18     8:30-11:00pm
J. Walter Hawkes    Wine Bar   LIC, NY

MON. April 23     7:00-9:00pm
Brain Cloud    Barbes    Brooklyn, NY

TUES. April 24      8:00-11:00pm
Mara Kaye    Blacktail    Manhattan, NY

FRI. April 27     8:00pm-Midnight
Michael Gamble    University Settlement     Manhattan, NY

SAT. April 28     8:00pm-Midnight
Michael Gamble    University Settlement    Manhattan, NY

MON. April 30     7:00-9:00pm
Brain Cloud     Barbes    Brooklyn, NY



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