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Other CDs with
Kevin Dorn on drums:


The Sidney Bechet Society Presents
Bob Wilber and Dick Hyman
A Tribute to Kenny Davern and
80th Birthday Salute to Bob Wilber

Dan Levinson leads this all-star session recorded live at
Symphony Space


Jeff Bush
Ain't So Bad To Swing
— Beezwax Records BW2874


John Gill and his
Sentimental Serenaders

Learn to Croon
— Stomp Off CD1424


Dan Levinson & his Swing Wing
At the Codfish Ball
— Loup-Garous 1004


Molly Ryan
Songbird in the Moonlight
— Loup-Garous 1003

Dan Levinson's
Roof Garden Jass Band

Dan Levinson's Roof Garden Jass Band Salutes the ODJB and the Beginnings of Recorded Jazz
— Loup-Garous 1001


Dan Levinson and his Canary Cottage Dance Orchestra
Steppin' Around
— Stomp Off CD1415


Mark Shane and the
Shane Gang

Fats Lives!!
— Amber Lake 002


Dan Levinson's
Roof Garden
Jass Band

Blue Roses of
Far and Near

— Stomp Off CD1361


Dan Levinson's
Roof Garden
Jass Band

Echoes in the Wax
— Stomp Off CD1380


Dan Levinson
and his
Canary Cottage
Dance Orchestra

Crinoline Days
— Stomp Off CD1400


The Paul

Rhythm de Luxe
— Ligeti Records LR1005


The Flipped Fedoras
A Swingin' Christmas
— Daddy-O/Royalty Records


Ed Polcer and his Swingtet
Lionel, Red & Bunny
— Blewz Manor Productions


Ed Polcer and Judy Kurtz
When Broadway Meets Swing St.
— Blewz Manor Productions


Jonathan Russell
The Sheik of Araby
— Balding Lion Productions BLP001


Slick Pelt
Hell From the Hills
MMM Records


The Jim Cullum Jazz Band
Chasin' the Blues
— Riverwalk Jazz RW CD 9


Barbara Rosene and her
New Yorkers
It Was Only A Sun Shower
— Stomp Off CD1422


Barbara Rosene
All My Life
— Azica Records AJD72232



The TJC Returns!
The new CD by Kevin Dorn's
Traditional Jazz Collective — The TJC Returns!
is now available at CD Baby. Buy it now!
Click on the CD cover to hear sample tracks:

"TJC Returns" CD cover

Jammin' at the Cajun!
The original CD by Kevin Dorn's TJC

Below is a review of The TJC's first CD, Jammin' at the Cajun,
by Michael Steinman, jazz critic for the Mississippi Rag
and Cadence Magazine:


The Sheik of Araby / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me /
Old Fashioned Love / Royal Garden Blues /
Hold My Hand / Sweet Sue / Sun Showers / Shine /
Blues for Christopher Reeve /

Kevin Dorn, drums; Kevin Blancq, tp/voc;
Michael Hashim, as/ts; J. Walter Hawkes, tb/voc;
Jesse Gelber, p; Doug Largent, b.

March 2005, New York City, NY.

JAMMIN' AT THE CAJUN — Review by Michael Steinman.
This is the first CD led by the extraordinary drummer Kevin Dorn, and it's a pleasure. The band is a true collective, a working group of friends who often accompany the fine singer Barbara Rosene. Although Dorn is the nominal leader, it's an egalitarian enterprise, not a percussion showcase. "Traditional Jazz" might arouse fears of a "Dixieland" fiesta, but this group is comfortably situated in the timeless Jazz that owes as much to the John Hammond Vanguards of the Fifties and Teddy Wilson small groups as it does to Twenties OKehs. Dorn himself honors the drummers who view "playing for the band" as the highest moral goal, and his playing recalls Wettling, Tough, Leeman, and Catlett without copying their four-bar breaks stroke for stroke. His synthesis of their styles is comfortably "traditional" yet consistently surprising. Rather than simply play mechanical ride-cymbal patterns while clicking the hi-hat metronomically, the customary approach, Dorn listens, offering wire-brush press rolls behind one soloist, rimshots and bass drum accents behind another. His solos and breaks are focused yet propulsive.

The rhythm section is filled out by bassist Largent, a first-rate accompanist who never intrudes (hear his duet with Hashim on "I Can't Believe") and a fluid soloist in the Hinton mold, and pianist Gelber, using both hands to good effect to sound down-home or terse, as the mood requires. I've heard Gelber in person face some atrocious pianos, and he always is an uplifting presence.

The horn players are delightfully idiosyncratic: talented ensemble players who don't step on each other's territories, yet each one is a distinctive soloist. Most trumpeters in this style play loudly to show off their power: Blancq is a delicate soloist, reminiscent of Doc Cheatham, creating phrases that shine as they hang suspended in mid-air: he seems to be thinking about the last phrase before launching into the next one, and the result, echoing both Hackett and Clifford Brown, is something rare. Listen to what he does in the closing choruses of "Royal Garden Blues," resisting clichés or pure volume. And he delivers an engaging vocal on "Sun Showers" without imitating either Billie or Louis, no small accomplishment. Hawkes is unusual in that he is technically very supple (many trombonists in this idiom imitate what they believe is a New Orleans tradition: few notes and simple harmonies) but he never overplays, even when ripping off a staccato multi-noted passage. I especially admire his thoughtful solo on "Sweet Sue." He also sings on "Old Fashioned Love" and the neglected Fats Waller "Hold My Hand," and some perceptive record producer will snap him up as a vocalist — he has a charming neo-Southern earnestness that suggests he believes in the lyrics. Hashim doesn't choose to do traditional clarinet filigree and ornamentation on the saxophone, but he is a forceful soloist with the facility one associates with early Parker without falling into the trap of the twenty most hackneyed bop licks: rather, Hashim often sounds greatly like prewar Earl Bostic, another player with an astonishing command of the instrument — and, when inspired, might have been the stellar soloist in a very hip rhythm and blues band.

The disc's title comes from the band's current home base — the downtown New York club — and the CD is an accurate sample of what they can do in person, upholding traditions without losing their own originalities, making jazz standards seem new, playing the blues with great conviction.

Michael Steinman

Click on song titles below to hear audio clips (mp3)
from TJC's Jammin' at the Cajun CD :

Sheik of Araby
Sun Showers
Old Fashioned Love
Hold My Hand

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For a copy of the Traditional Jazz Collective's CD,
Jammin' at the Cajun, please send a check or money order for $18 (includes shipping and handling) to:

Kevin Dorn
484 West 43rd Street, #8T
New York, NY 10036

Jammin' at the Cajun



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